EPDM Rubber Seals

EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) rubber seals are widely used in various industries for sealing and gasketing applications. They are known for their excellent properties and versatility. Here's an overview of EPDM rubber seals: **1. Material Composition:** - EPDM is a synthetic elastomer made from the polymerization of ethylene, propylene, and a diene monomer. - The specific formulation of EPDM can be customized to meet the requirements of different applications. **2. Key Properties:** - **Weather Resistance:** EPDM rubber seals are highly resistant to weathering, UV radiation, ozone, and extreme temperature fluctuations, making them ideal for outdoor and harsh environmental conditions. - **Flexibility and Elasticity:** EPDM rubber is known for its high flexibility and elasticity, allowing it to maintain its sealing properties even under compression or temperature changes. - **Chemical Resistance:** EPDM offers good resistance to various chemicals, including acids, alkalis

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